Commercial Landscape &
Architectural Lighting

Want to make your business stand out among your competition? What better way than to drastically increase your curb appeal in the evening hours? A Zionsville Landscape Lighting system by Second Nature Lighting will attract attention to your business even while you are closed at night. If your business welcomes guests in the evening, our lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere for them to enjoy in your company. An outdoor lighting system is a proven way to attract customers to your retail and restaurant locations and it also encourages them to stay longer and spend more money. The comfort of this lighting creates an atmosphere that guests will enjoy and remember. Want to draw attention to your business after hours? Don’t leave your business in the dark. Second Nature lighting will turn your business into a focal point in the dark and leave a lasting impression on passers by.

Consultation & Budget Analysis

Our trained and certified lighting designers will meet with you on-site to discuss the wants, needs, and challenges of the installation. They will work closely with your architects to ensure that our plans compliment theirs. We will also discuss the budget parameters that go along with the project in order to warrant maximum efficiency during the process.

Professional Design Software

We provide a comprehensive Zionsville Landscape Lighting design that seamlessly coincides with the property. Budget and the needs/wants of the planners are put first and foremost when creating the design.

Professional Installation

Upon approval, our trained install team will come out and complete the installation. The installation is a minimally invasive process that protects the system from the elements and holds up the integrity of the property.

Repair & Maintenance

We believe that a proper service program is vital to the longevity of your commercial system. After the completion of the project we will routinely visit your property to ensure that your system is looking and running at its’ best.

Warranty Information

We offer Lifetime Warrantees on all fixtures and transformers. We also offer a 10 year warranty on all Low-Voltage LED Bulbs.

Product Info

Our product line promises to deliver energy efficiency, performance and un-matched value to our residential and commercial clients. The goal of Second Nature Lighting is to deliver the highest quality products that withstand the elements and deliver results for many years to come. We strive to install a product that looks just as good years from now as it did the day we installed it.