Residential Landscape &
Architectural Lighting

Your Zionsville Landscape Lighting Company

Over the years, our primary focus here at Second Nature has been residential Zionsville Landscape Lighting. Every project that we do is designed to beautify the home and meet the needs of the owners. Our outdoor lighting system will further enhance your already beautiful home. Have you recently done any upgrades to your outdoor living space? Our outdoor lighting system will illuminate your landscape and patio areas in the evening hours and offer an amazing ambiance to your property. At the same time, you will also be adding an additional layer of safety and security to your property.

Free Consultation

Upon request, our certified lighting designer will visit your property and meet with you to discuss your wants and needs pertaining to your outdoor lighting system. We also take into consideration your budget and time frame when creating your comprehensive design and proposal.

Custom Lighting Design

We believe that Zionsville Landscape Lighting and architectural lighting is an art form and the design process is treated as such.  Experience our professional lighting design presented to you with the use of our Design Pro software. We provide you with a digital rendering of your new outdoor lighting system, giving you a custom and realistic preview of your design.

Design Elements

  • Area Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Moon Lighting
  • Water Feature

Professional Installation

At Second Nature Lighting, every installation is completed with the upmost respect to your home and property. Our Minimally invasive installation process offers a clean look while protecting your system from the elements of the outdoors.

Repair & Maintenance

Just like you would tune-up your car, it is important to tune-up your outdoor Zionsville Landscape Lighting system. With our comprehensive maintenance program, we will ensure that your system and fixtures are running their best and looking their best at all times.

Warranty Information

We offer Lifetime Warrantees on all fixtures and transformers. We also offer a 7 year warranty on all Low-Voltage LED Bulbs.

Product Info

Our product line promises to deliver energy efficiency, performance and un-matched value to our residential and commercial clients. The goal of Second Nature Lighting is to deliver the highest quality products that withstand the elements and deliver results for many years to come. Our goal at Second Nature is to install a product that looks just as good years from now as it did the day we installed it.