RGB Lighting

Your Zionsville Landscape Lighting Company

Our RGB (red, green, blue) lighting is the newest innovation in the Zionsville Landscape Lighting and architectural lighting world. The RGB system offers various levels/intensities for each color, making nearly 17-million different colors available at the touch of a button.

RGB Color Changing Bulbs and Bulb Stands

C9 RGB Lights are used for decorating houses, trees, trim, etc; while Bullet Lights are used for telluride tree and Bullet strands are used for decorating shrubs, etc. We also use Pebble Lights, such as Light Curtains, Pebble strands (for decorating trim, etc), and Tree of Lights.

RGB Orbs

Our RGB LED Orbs add color and fun to any display. They can be controlled by an iPhone or android using an app with an array of colors and patterns.

Wall Washes to Cover Large Areas

Our commercial grade RGB wash lights are powerful and versatile with the ability to project lights up several stories. These fixtures vary in size to meet the needs of any commercial building.

RGB Landscape Lighting

Our RGB Bluetooth controlled transformer offers the ability to control 6 zones with the use of our Bluetooth control app. Each zone is individually addressable with the following settings:

  • On/Off
  • Dim
  • Scheduling
  • Themes
  • Color Changing Bulbs

Permanent Lighting

Second Nature Lighting is proud to offer a permanent Zionsville Landscape Lighting solution that allows you to have ANY color for ANY occasion at ANY time. Our system is beneficial to any home, business, or municipality looking to drastically lower energy consumption and maintenance while having a completely customizable lighting system year round.

Introducing PermaLites 365, the newest innovation in permanent lighting. These color changing lights are individually addressable allowing for color change by pixel along with motion such as waves, fade, ping pong, etc. Our PermaLites 365 system is controlled locally or cloud based (iPhone, computer, or android).

  • 87% Power Usage Savings
  • Pays for Itself in 2 Years
  • 50,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Cloud-Based Control Solution
  • Customize Lighting from any Device (iPhone, computer, or android)
  • Real-Time Control from Anywhere